Long-awaited innovation from the Laser Pro company. The tripwire mine with an ultrasonic motion sensor is a device that can diversify and complete the laser tag game with new scripts. The way we have realized the tripwire mine, makes it the most outstanding among the existing analogues, according to its functional characteristics.

The main differential feature of the tripwire mine from the Laser Pro company is its principle of operation, thanks to the ultrasonic motion sensor which is located on the front part of the mine. As opposed to an infrared motion sensor, which loses some of its ability in bright sunlight or artificial light, the ultrasonic sensor is stable regardless of the level of illumination. Also, the ultrasonic sensor has a concentrated range of the signal, thus «capture angle goal» is not more than 15 degrees!

The tripwire mine works if somebody crosses the space in front of it within 4 meters. This makes it the most close to the real counterpart.


Dimensions (height, width, thickness) 14cm х 8.4cm х 9.5cm
Kill distance 10 m
Target detection distance 4 m
Battery Li-ion 2.2 Ah
The battery life 36 hours


There are infrared emitters (of 6 pieces) on each side of the device. When the mine works the kill distance  is 10 meters.

There is a defeat sensor on the front part of the mine, it allows you to deactivate it. To do this, you should make a well-aimed 15 shots in the defeat sensor, then the mine will switch from combat into holding mode.

Mine is turnd on by a button in the upper part of the body. It is activated for 5 seconds since being powered. The activation process comes with a beep from the speaker on the side panel and light indication, at this moment the diod on the front panel changes color from green to red. When the diod lights up red and goes out, and the audio signal stops — mine is activated.

Once a player crosses the space in front of the mine sensor within 4 meters, the mine works and affects all players within 10 meters. During the explosion the mine gives 10 defeat signals for 3 seconds. The explosion goes with a characteristic sound from the speaker.

After the explosion, a mine diode lights up with green and goes into flashing mode. In order to reactivate the mine, the player has to wait 5 minutes after the explosion, or it can immediately make a trainer / referee. To do this you shoud use the «New Game» button to update the mine pointing the remote at its front panel, and then restart its power button. When the mine is ready to be activated and will switch from holding to standby mode, the diode will flash with not green but blue.

The tripwire mine is suited for all scripts. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is recommended to set: at the entrance / exit of the building, in doorways, around corners, behind hiding places, bushes, trees.

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