A remote programming of the laser tag equipment.
A special feature of the remote control is the ability of the weapons’ program settings, as well as other game devices. Button «Shift» extends the options of the remote control 2 times.

The main functions of the programmed remote control:

  • Activation of laser tag weapons and accessories.
  • Changing the team color.
  • Regulation of the shots power.
  • Increasing of the player’s lives number ( it can be up to 255 lives maximum).
  • Player’s deactivation.


Settings mode

Remote Control (RC) is designed to change the tager, the check point, the universal point settings and to control the game. Power: «Crone» 9B battery.

The remote control turns on by the button universal-point-2. To change the weapons settings the tager-headband set should be within line-of-sight distance, within 5 meters optimally. Turn on the tager and the headband. If the set is attached properly, the headband will blink with selected team color and the tager speaker will say:»Check all weapons and get ready.»

Point the remote control IR transmitter to any of the hit and identification sensors. By pressing 2 «Power» button console-manual-1 you can change the power of the beam emitted by the tager infrared diode. This option varies depending on the game environment — in the open air, in sunny weather it is necessary to increase the power of the beam, in the evening, indoors, to reduce the rebound effect — it should be reduced. The remote control allows you to set two gradations — 100% and 50%, which will change with each press. In the first case, the speaker reproduces the sound of the current weapon shot, at reduced power — the sound of the shot with a silencer. At the same time the distance of the shot and the LED optical brightness will change.

The IR beam power setting with an accuracy of 1% can be made with help of radio base.

By pressing the 3 «Life x2» button universal-point-8-min the number of defeat hits doubles. At this time tager will play signals which sound like Morse code, and their number corresponds to the number of units of the health. You can program 255 hits maximum.

You can change the player team color with the 4 «color team» button — universal-point-9 . Each time there will be a cyclical color change with the RGB-LEDs on the headband  «red-blue-yellow-green», which will go with an audible signal from the tager speaker. The shot power, the number of lives, the color of the team can be changed during the game mode.

Game Mode

After setting up all the game set, with pressing the 1 «New Game» button universal-point-3 the round begins. For this you should send the remote control IR emitter on the players’ headbands sensors (within line of sight up to 5 meters) and press the button. With that all headbands respond with short flash of the team color and go out and speakers tager play audio command «Come on, go, go!”. Teams go to bases and wait for the start signal. With the «New Game» button the referee can restore the player without returning him to the base.
The referee also can remove the player with the remote control, for example, if he breaks the rules. To do this you just need to point the remote control on the headband of the player and press 5 «Delete» button console-manual-2.

The tager and headband response will be the similar to getting into the player who had the last life.

Remote control buttons extended features

«Shift» button on the side part of the remote control expands the number of commands two times. Its simultaneous pressing with one of the buttons on the remote control allows you to select a variety of military specialties for players according to the selected script: «Storm trooper», «Hostage,» «Survivor,» «Zombies» and a standard — «Special Forces». They differ by the number of health units, clips, cartridges, etc., which is shown in the following table:


The damage per shot means the number of health units which are taken away from the competitor for one hit in his headband sensor by the tager beam. «Friendly» fire is a mode in which the player can cause damage to teammates.
You can check the player’s specialty and change it with the help of the Forpost-Lasertag Operator program.

Checkpoint setting mode

Remote control is also used to set the check point.
Remote IR transmitter must be directed vertically to the upper part of the check point. Each pressing of the «doubling the life» button universal-point-8 increases the period of check point holding by 1 minute which is important for finding the winner of the round. Pressing the «teams color change» button universal-point-9 reduces the holding period for one minute.

Universal point setting mode

To set the universal point you should activate the remote control and universal point with push buttons universal-point-2. Each one pressing of the «New Game» button universal-point-3 changes cyclically the universal point mode: «Revival» — «Radiation» — «First aid kit» — «Shuffle».

The remote control also sets the operating period of each mode. Each pressing of «doubling the life» universal-point-8 increases the time by 10 seconds, and the «teams’ color change» universal-point-9 — button reduces by 10 seconds.

Summary table of the remote control buttons commands by default

Summary table of the remote control buttons commands by default

The remote control feature is the ability to reprogram any button on the other team via radio base and Laser Pro Operator program.