Long-awaited innovation from the Laser Pro company. The tripwire mine with an ultrasonic motion sensor is a device that can diversify and complete the laser tag game with new scripts. The way we have realized the tripwire mine, makes it the most outstanding among the existing analogues, according to its functional characteristics. The main differential feature of the tripwire mine from the Laser Pro company is its principle of operation, thanks to the ultrasonic motion sensor which is located on the front part of the mine. As opposed to an infrared motion sensor, which loses some of its ability in bright sunlight or artificial light, the ultrasonic sensor is stable regardless of the level of illumination. Also, the ultrasonic sensor has a concentrated range of the signal, thus «capture angle goal» is not more than 15 degrees!

In order to diversify the laser tag and unveil all its opportunities, we have been improved and developed already existent equipment every year.
Creating the bomb was only a matter of time for the laser tag . The bomb using in the game will make the list of favorite scripts much more longer, in spite we have already the great number and wide variety of scripts that we liked at the moment. Let’s look at the Laser Pro «Lite» bomb device and its way of working. This version of the bomb is realized in the same compact body as the electronic target. We decided to make a bomb in this case because it matches our idea. It proved its worth successfully as the target electronic image, thanks to its attractive design and compactness. The plastic body is strengthened with four metal pins located on the perimeter.

A remote programming of the laser tag equipment.
A special feature of the remote control is the ability of the weapons’ program settings, as well as other game devices. Button «Shift» extends the options of the remote control 2 times.