The system of tactical simulators produced by SKIF allows to realize any necessary scenario in any weather conditions and on any terrain. Provides full combat training and practical skills to participate in real combat operations. The system is designed to train commanders of all sorts in order to save their health and life while performing combat missions within the framework of civil and state security.



An integrated system is an emitter built into the body of a weapon or into its mock-up (rifle, pistol, sniper rifle or other weapons) without violating the design, appearance, parameters and weight of the weapon.

The system allows to adjust the weapon setting (range, rate of fire, etc.), creating the closest to reality conditions.

Due to modern laser technologies, unit with fire simulation mode produced by SKIF provides the defeating distance up to 800 meters. It can be used for both — close-in fighting and in situation where snipers are engaged.

Inner electronics is placed directly into the weapon barrel on special impact-resistant fastening racks. It protects inner parts from hits, vibration and mechanical damage when are used in harsh training conditions, and keeps the in-service weapon state.


Mounted system includes the module with emitter that is mounted to the body of emptied weapon or on its mock-up. A contact installed on the trigger runs the emitter.

Mounted types of SKIF systems can be used for all types of machine guns and long- barreled guns slightly increasing the weight of the weapon.

The emitter can be activated by dry fire or by pulling the trigger depending on customer request.
Depending on the type of weapon that is used, emitters with different shot distance are installed, up to 1000 meters.

The mounted system comes with adjusting screws to adjust the laser accuracy.
The weapon with SKIF system installed on it can be intensively used about 12 hours without being charged.



Helmet cover has 4 sensors that create hit angle of 360 degrees. By getting the hit, sensor the system reacts by vibration and light.
Super bright sensor LEDs allow you to see the reaction to hit even in conditions of poor visibility.

The wireless connection of vest and helmet provides the comfort in service and allows a fighter to be nimble.


The vest includes 12 sensors located in the abdomen, shoulders and back. Thanks to separate sensor processors, damage can be differentiated in each zone. It means that that hitting the certain zone, each shot will take certain quantity of health points off. That allows to create the most realistic conditions while training process.

Besides on the customer’s request the additional hit zones may be installed.
The bright light indication of the vest sensors is clearly visible even at far distances and in conditions of poor visibility.

The sensors are protected by flat case, made of durable materials. Small size and shock-proof materials allow fighters to fulfill all the needed actions (including moving on elbows, closely to the ground), without fear of damaging the sensors.

At the top of the vest there is a speaker via which the fighter is able to hear all orders and notifications of received hits – that helps them to make a decision about their future strategy taking into account the received information.


It is the system integrated into the grenade launcher mock-up. The system consists of a grenade launcher mock-up and two sensors on the magnet which are installed on the military vehicles. During the shot imitation the emitting from the grenade launcher is accepted by one of the sensors which produces corresponding sound and activates smoke grenade (when using pyrotechnics to recreate a realistic combat situation) when hit.
The emitting distance reaches up to 250 meters.


It is designed for military and personnel defeat simulation. It is activated by pressing the button on the case of the device. The casualty radius variates from 10 to 15 meters. The explosion imitation occurs along with light and sound signal. The device is produced by of shock-proof casting and withstands any shocks, hits and falls.

Anti-personnel mine

Is designed for both – outside and indoor usage. The anti-personnel mine imitation is activated by infrared motion sensors. Anti-personnel mine has 360-degree casualty area with radius from 0 up to 5 meters, depending on customer’s requirement. The mine can be produced in any type of casting, and imitate any object.


The anti-personnel grenade with integrated emitter is designed for throwing. It deactivates fighters who are in area of 10-meter radius.


WINDOWS and ANDROID software

As a control point you can use a tablet, smartphone or PC.

The base-station is connected to the individual set of each fighter via wireless Wi-Fi technologies.
The software provides recording of all events during the training (hit received, hit inflicted, injures, fighter’s navigation, response time of the unit and of each fighter separately for orders etc.).

The software provides conditions of total control of situation during the tactical training.
The base-station connects to the computer and supports communication with the individual set of each fighter using wireless technologies WI-FI.

The software provides a record of all the events during training (hit, injured, defeated, moved by the fighter, response time of the unit as a whole and in the individual order of each fighter, after receiving different kinds of commands, etc.).

The software creates conditions for complete control of the situation during tactical exercises.


Allows you to track and record the movement of fighters in real time. You can watch the record after training, analyze the information, identify the errors and exclude them in the future.

Wi-Fi -retranslating system

It is designed to expand the battle zone for more than 500 meters. Due to an autonomous power source, it can be used at any battlefield.