Long-awaited new gadget: the tripwire mine with ultrasonic motion sensor — a device that can enliven the training process & enhance it with new scenarios.

Our design of the tripwire mine with superior functional characteristics makes it the best choice for creating the real battle atmosphere when compared with the existing analogues on the market. The main distinguishing feature of this tripwire mine is its triggering mechanism actuated by ultrasonic motion sensor located on its front panel. Unlike infrared motion detector which loses part of its functional capabilities in bright sunlight or artificial daylight, the ultrasonic detector operates consistently, no matter how bright the lighting is. In addition, the ultrasonic motion detector has a more focused signal range ensuring the “target acquisition angle” that does not exceed 15 degrees!
The mine is triggered when trainees cross the area within 4 meters in front of it, which makes it as similar to real analogue as possible.

The bomb adds diversity to the most training scenarios as well as enables to create new ones.
This bomb model is made in the same compact case as the Electronic Target. We opted to use this body for a reason. Thanks to its smart design and small size, it has already proved its worth as the case for the electronic target. The plastic body is reinforced with steel bars located along its perimeter.
The bomb is equipped with 4 IR emitters, a power button, an activation button and features light and sound alerts produced by the embedded speaker and RGB LEDs.

The Remote Control is designed to configure laser tag weapons and ancillary devices, while its “Shift” button is provided to double the list of available functions.

The standard radio base makes training control and operation much easier. It eliminates excessive fuss associated with the customization of laser tag equipment and laser tag kits when using a remote control. The availability of a Wi-Fi radio automatizes training control.