In order to diversify the laser tag and unveil all its opportunities, we have been improved and developed already existent equipment every year.
Creating the bomb was only a matter of time for the laser tag . The bomb using in the game will make the list of favorite scripts much more longer, in spite we have already the great number and wide variety of scripts that we liked at the moment.

Let’s look at the Laser Pro «Lite» bomb device and its way of working.

This version of the bomb is realized in the same compact body as the electronic target. We decided to make a bomb in this case because it matches our idea. It proved its worth successfully as the target electronic image, thanks to its attractive design and compactness. The plastic body is strengthened with four metal pins located on the perimeter.

Laser Pro bomb «Lite» is equipped with 4 infrared emitters, the power button, the activation button, as well as the sound and light indicating, thanks to the built-in speaker and RGB-diodes.


The bomb switches on by the button on the side panel. After switching on, the bomb is in the holding mode. Then, by means of a regular remote control, we can set the countdown time (in increments of 1 minute). To activate (set) the bomb it is necessary to hold the activation button for 10 seconds, it is at the top of the bomb. While holding the button, RGB-diodes, which are under the upper glassy bomb wall, change their color from green to red. When the diodes become red color — the bomb is activated.

From the moment of activation the bomb will beep, the frequency of beeping increases till the moment of the explosion. At the end of the countdown time bomb explodes. There is a sound while the explosion and IR emitters affect the players within 10 meters.

To deactivate (neutralization) the bomb, the player has to hold the activation button for 10 seconds. At the same time, diodes will change their color from red to green. When the diodes light up in green — the bomb is deactivated (neutralized).

The main advantage of this bomb is a simple service. Even children under 8 years can easily handle with Forpost bomb «Lite». It has been successfully used both in dynamic and in complex tactical scripts, in combination with other devices.